SO YOU just WANT to relax?

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Andalucia – the romantic Spanish land of beautiful beaches, quaint towns filled with ancient secrets, ferias (spring fairs), flamenco, and the famous Andalusian horsesrests on the Southern Coast of Spain.

In the charming little ocean-side pueblo of Rota, you will dip into the relaxing pace of Spanish life, and get a taste of the sea-faring ways of old Spain.

Drop blissfully into the perfect blend of relaxation, transformation, =and exploration. Enjoy welcoming Spanish culture, tasty tapas and sweet bodegas, gypsy markets, and the peaceful comforts of our hotel, Playa de la Luz.

Sunshine can never be guaranteed, but the southern coast of Andalucia boasts an average of 2900 sunshine hours per year, making it one of the sunniest places in Europe. (London gets about 1500)



Your Hotel

a choice of pools

Uniquely nestled between sand dunes, a pine forest and the Atlantic Ocean, Hotel Playa de la Luz is so close to the ocean, it is practically in it! Waves break against the hotel’s facade and you can hear and smell the proximity of the ocean from every corner of the hotel.  Andalucian charm is their trademark, making you feel right at home in your oasis by the sea.

Extensive breakfast buffets will nourish you after your morning yoga and meditation sessions.

Relax with tea or coffee, lunch or an after-dinner drink in the spectacular terrace overlooking the sea. Your hotel’s restaurant provides a perfect combination of traditional and innovative tapas and dishes, known both for taste and presentation.

The rooftop beach club area includes a salt-water treatment swimming pool, towels, sun-deck chairs, Balinese beds, relaxation area, and fitness equipment.