The nearest airports with direct flights from London are:

Jerez             40km  easyJet, Ryanair
Seville        134km  British Airways, easyJet, Iberia, Vueling
Gibraltar    139km  British Airways, easyJet
Faro            324km  British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, Jet2

Heathrow to Jerez with British Airways, has a change of plane at Madrid.

Manchester to Jerez with easyJet during August, September and October.

If you’d like more of an adventure, and a longer scenic drive, cheap direct flights are often available to Malaga (250 kms – 3 hour drive) and Granada (385 kms – 4 hour drive). You will also find very reasonable car rental prices for these airports when you book ahead.

It’s simpler than it sounds, and we will give you FULL instructions on where to catch the bus and buy your tickets.

The journey will take you about 3 hours in total.

You need to get 2 buses to get from Seville airport to Rota.
They are very clean, comfortable and air-conditioned, and if arriving during daylight hours, it’s a great way to view the scenery. In May/June you should be blessed with views of seemingly endless fields of bright yellow sunflowers.

  1. The ‘Linea AE‘ airport bus takes you directly from Seville airport to Prado de San Sebastián bus station.
    Buses run approximately every 15 minutes from 05:00 to 00:00 every day of the year.
    €4 one way.
    The bus journey takes about 30 minutes, but allow 45 minutes in total.
  2. From Prado de San Sebastián bus station you will take bus M-905 with Comes
    This bus runs every 4 hours.
    €11 one way
    €18 return
    The bus journey takes about 2 hours.
  3. From Rota bus station it’s best to take a taxi to the hotel for about €6, but you can also walk 3km to the hotel.

The buses and trains run infrequently from Jerez to Rota, and so we highly recommend you rent a car, or take a taxi.

If your flight does connect with the bus times, you’ll need to take a taxi from the airport to the bus station in Jerez, and another from Rota bus station to the hotel.

You can take the train directly from Jere airport to El Puerto de Santa Maria.
Then take the bus from El Puerto to Rota, and a taxi from Rota bus station to the hotel.
Or take a taxi from El Puerto train station to Rota.

If booked at ‘the right time’, car rental can be ridiculously cheap.
Our favourite is Do You Spain
It’s much cheaper to rent a car from Seville airport than it is from Jerez airport.

Keep an eye on the prices, but from past experience, the best time to book is exactly 21 days ahead, or a day or 2 before you land at the airport!

Cars have been rented for as little as €8 per week!

Make sure you’ve got annual Excess Waiver Insurance, which will also save you a lot of money. Our favourite is Insurance4carhire

Do REMEMBER to bring your driving licence, and a credit card with you, as you will need both when renting a car.

All prices are approximate, and for a one-way journey:

Jerez       €54
Seville  €200

It will cost you about €6 to get a taxi from Rota bus station to Hotel Playa de la Luz.

The rate is higher on weekends and Public Holidays.

Map is here


Whether you’re looking for train times from Madrid, or bus times from Gibraltar, Rome2Rio is a useful website.

Yes that’s correct!

There is no Uber service in this part of the world.