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ANDALUCIAN spring fairs

Andalucia – the romantic Spanish land of beautiful beaches, quaint towns filled with ancient secrets, ferias (spring fairs), flamenco, and the famous Andalusian horsesrests on the Southern Coast of Spain.

Ferias can be enjoyed in Sevilla, Rota, Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda, and many other towns and villages in Andalucia.

Feria Dates for 2019:

Seville:          4th May to 11th May

Rota:             1st May to 5th May

Jerez:             11th May to 18th May

Sanlucar:      15th May to 19th May


dance the night away

The sevillana is a colourful and exciting style of song and dance that originated in Castile; a variation from a style of dance known as the seguidilla.
The sevillana is not flamenco, although today it is performed by flamenco artists who give it that special flamenco touch.
It is performed to a strict 3 / 4 rhythm and will be danced by pairs or groups of people, and the dance will be choreographed to a pre-established routine, all of which goes against what the true flamenco dance is all about.
Even if you don’t know the moves, you’ll have fun joining in, watching or just admiring the range of dress styles worn by the local ladies.