What is Rota Retreats all about? How can Rota Retreats help me? What will I discover?

Are you ready?

Have you decided it’s time to escape the daily fog of busy activity, reignite your passion and connection to joy, and start loving your body and your life?

Have you made a personal decision to stop being a human DOing and start being a human BEing – to infuse your life with more vital health, peace, purpose, inspiration, creativity, and nourishing connections?

Are you ready to open your life up to the right information and experiences to take you toward your potential, but you’re too savvy to buy into false promises, “cure all” pills, or gurus promising “3 Day Retreat to a Perfect Life! Only £10,000!” ?

Good. You are in the right place!

Rota Retreats is 100% dedicated to being your transformation partner, and immerse you in what you need to reconnect with life and joyful movement toward your dreams. We know that’s a huge commitment, and we don’t even know you; but we feel compelled to do whatever we can to help you become all that you deserve to be.

We designed this retreat to serve an incredible purpose, because we have been where you are.

While most of us learned things like reading, writing and arithmetic in school, in general, we were not taught the skills of how to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Where was the “how to be a successful human being” class? Did you miss out on this class too?

The world can be intense, confusing, demanding, and overwhelming. Most of us have been left on our own trying to learn how to effectively manage minor conflicts and major crises, and operate our minds, bodies, and spirits so that we can live healthy, happy, wisely, and purposefully. Plus, we try to raise ourselves and our families and do some good while we’re here. We do our best to find wisdom and joy, and incorporate it into our lives. But who has time and energy to find a needle in the haystack of advice and ideas from friends and family, the internet, TV, movies, books, life experiences, etc.?  Much of it ends up being empty sales pitches or well-intentioned but bad or ill-fitting advice.

Without vital education about how to care for our minds, bodies and spirits, we are vulnerable to habits, manipulation, stress, unfulfilling jobs, failed relationships, disease, and suffering, and after that goes on long enough, it seems normal!

Life isn’t intended to be that way!

Rota Retreats’ Transformational Retreat is the full-immersion manual for living well, that you didn’t get when you were born!

No hype, no fluff, no sales, and no bull. Just 100% pure intention to serve all aspects of your BEing: Mind – Body – Spirit.

You don’t have to buy into anything. We hope you’ll invest into your own commitment to explore what might be possible for you and your life, in your own way. What you will experience with Rota Retreats can benefit ALL RELIGIONS, FAITHS, RACES, CULTURES, and ORIENTATIONS. Rota Retreats is devoted to being a caring, supportive cocoon to nurture and inspire your own personal transformation!

We will give you a clear step-by-step path to bring balance, self-awareness, and healthy attitudes into everyday life.

Every person is a unique individual with their own blend of talents and challenges and dreams. We’re not here to tell you how you SHOULD live, but rather to give you great tools, the understanding and the deeply felt experiences that can help you DISCOVER and CREATE your own best life.

I’ve been to a lot of retreats and self-help events. I usually learn something, but the inspiration never lasts. How can I get real transformation from a retreat?

Thank you! This is such an important question, and we want to take you into a taste of the Rota Retreats mindset so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Besides the important factor of how much money you might spend, this question involves your most precious non-renewable resources, ones you should value VERY highly: your time, your energy, and your attention.

Every day, brands and companies and even the people we love, are fighting for us to spend some part of ourselves on them. From competing clothing brands to coffees to make-up to movies and even political parties, we’re being hounded to join, give, and spend things on others without really knowing if it is going to benefit us in the long run.

We want to encourage you to raise your standards and become very choosy about making sure that what you spend your time, energy, and attention on is paying you back exponentially, for the rest of your life.

We think of this as the concept of investing in YOURSELF

Personally, we feel incredibly protective of what we spend our time, money, energy, and attention on. Valuing and loving ourselves fully is part of what led us to create Rota Retreats, and it’s part of our way of investing in ourselves to make our lives exponentially better. How? Because when we spend time learning and growing with you, we grow too: exponentially. Bringing incredible value to others’ lives gives our lives depth and meaning, and through serving others to empower themselves, we contribute to the planet in a way that pays the whole planet back exponentially. It’s a win-win!

What do you do on a daily basis to make your life exponentially better? How much money do you spend on things that get used up, like activities that burn up your energy or time and give you nothing back, versus things that pay you back forever? Compare the last thing you bought, and the last thing you watched on the media, and the last conversation you had, with long-term investment that pay off exponentially, such as spending 5 minutes each day on insatiable cravings for healthy habits; igniting your self-confidence; spending time practising amazing communication skills so you avoid interpersonal problems and stress; or building a network of support around you?

Most of us “wake up” at some point in our lives thinking: “How did I end up here? Where did the time go? What have all the things I’ve purchased actually done for me? I keep working hard and trying to take care of others, plus take care of all the parts of my life, but I’m exhausted! I am not sure I know what my purpose is, or if I’m doing the right things. Where do I go from here, and how?”

The Rota Retreats transformational retreat vision was born from a lifetime of frustrations and pain just like yours.

Women just like you needed answers for how to live more joyfully, more successfully. So they spent their lives to pursuing, deeply studying, and personally testing the deep transformational wisdoms from an incredibly comprehensive collection of perspectives – from ancient practices and practical step-by-step methods, to cutting-edge neuroscience and creative expressions. They invested deeply in these very specific subjects, and had to pay dearly in other areas, by giving up on having a lot of traditional joys and experiences. But, this was right for them.

These women took the best of what actually empowered them to create amazing transformation in their own lives, and are now sharing it with you, so you don’t have to give up what you cherish in pursuit of learning how to have a better life.

Those women are US.

Yes, there actually ARE secrets to love, success, balance, fulfilment, and happiness. Some are obvious, time-tested, and simple. Some only work in combination with others, or with a platform of understanding. Some work for one type of person but not another.

How do you figure out what those secret combinations are, or what information to trust?

You can do what we did, and devote half a century to dissecting it. Or, you can let us point you in the right direction and save you 50 years of effort. Only you have the right to decide what your time, energy and attention is worth to you, and how you want to spend it.

We hope that above all, you will invest in whatever is most important to your long-term health, fulfilment, and happiness; whether you believe an opportunity to transform with us is right for you or not.

If you don’t want to spend 50 years and tens of thousands of dollars, pounds or euros dissecting the life you have left like we have, and you would rather spend your time living it, then we’re here to help bring amazing practices and skills clearly to light in your mind, your body, and your spirit; and give you ways to make them come alive in your day-to-day life.

Rota Retreats is the only venue where you can access so many decades of widely varied, rich transformative experience all in one place, in a full-immersion course devoted to:

FEELING safe, nurturing connections, passionate inspiration, and inspiring mind-body states that reignite your inner spark. Dance and play on the beach, taste delicious Spanish treats, explore and evolve! Discover how to get in touch with your purpose, master emotions, relieve stress, clear up communication, deepen love, and motivate yourself. In the company of supportive and inspirational women, you will experience moments of laughter, excitement, and reflection that you will treasure for a lifetime.

LEARNING more about yourself and others in one week than you have in decades! Access the most effective & practical tools to expand and elevate your mind, body, thoughts, emotions (backed by science and testimonials). Dive deep intellectually with elements of neuroscience, psychology, physiology, communication skills, and more, or float on the bliss of absorbing incredible understanding through games, creativity, and role-playing. Tons of amazing revelations that will change your perspectives, but NO boring lectures! Learning is full-immersion and experiential, taking into account individuals’ unique learning styles, so you can discover how you help your mind integrate wisdom quickly and easily into your life.

SEEING the results at work in your life! Practice what you are learning – get balanced with rest, rejuvenation, and fun while you grow. Sense the shifts happening. Watch your behaviour and thoughts change. Create goals, schedules, rituals and structures in your life that help you create the results that are right for you. Turn facts into personalised action! Get your hands on materials you can take home, with easy-to-understand tools and practical steps to make the changes you want in your life.

Rota Retreats invites you on a journey to find balance in your life, and to infuse you with the knowledge, the power and the results-oriented skills that will help you overcome obstacles, stay nourished and unwrap each new day like it was a gift. You will develop the tools and motivation needed to realize your unique potential and create a plan for what you want to create with your “one wild and precious life.” Our participants report profound and lasting change as a result of their retreat experience.

The Luminaria will share a profound mind-body-personal transformation process that integrates the most effective & cutting edge neuro- behavioural sciences with ancient wisdoms and key energy principles… and it’s only available to Rota Retreats guests.

Transformational Support

You will be taking away a whole new set of skills which you will have practiced during the retreat, but we won’t abandon you as you wave goodbye.

Post-retreat support ensures you integrate your learnings once back home.

Stay connected with your retreat friends via the private retreat Facebook group as you practice the tips and tricks you learned to help keep yourself motivated and enjoying life.

And if that’s not enough, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for ongoing one-to-one support sessions at a reduced rate. In fact, opportunities for one-to-one support sessions from The Luminaria are not available any other way.

Our retreats combine the mental and physical health-inducing elements of yoga with the life-changing transformational elements of a week-long personal development seminar.
You will learn how to live a happier and more balanced life by implementing simple yet effective rituals into your daily life.  

What is the difference between a Rota Retreats Transformational retreat, and a yoga, meditation, well-being or goal-setting retreat?

Powerful transformation!

Rota Retreats is the answer for people who want to make a true change. What does that mean?

Most retreats have one or a few helpful elements designed to attract the business of a specific niche of attendees, like yoga intensives for yogis, or goal-setting seminars for burgeoning CEOs. We’ve personally been to many of these, spent tens of thousands of dollars on them, studied them, and appreciate them for what they are. We always learned something!

But, we noticed that while we’d get a great takeaway or two, rarely did we see any lasting impact. In fact, we can’t even remember all the ones we’ve been to. Hmm…

That made us see there’s a fundamental problem with retreats, seminars, self-help books, coaching, and the like. People like us want to change our lives, and we’re paying billions per year to do it, but sometimes the only lasting impression we can prove it has had is on our wallets.

Honestly, we wanted something better, more effective, more fully-engaging, something that would WORK.

So, we crafted together our nearly half a century of personal experience and education in the industry, and created Rota Retreats Transformational Retreats, an event we think eclipses anything else. We incorporated the most effective techniques that were missing from almost every other retreat or seminar we have ever seen or heard of: techniques we know help transformation last.

Rota Retreats is completely unique because of SYNERGY

Great sommeliers (wine connoisseurs) are as valuable as gold, because they know how to take a good wine and pair it with a good meal, and their ability to synergize the two elevates the dining experience to something utterly magical!

Think of Rota Retreats as your transformation sommeliers. We incorporated specific elements from a wide array of the best information available in wellness, health, neuroscience, psychology, personal and professional development, meditation, yoga, movement, healing modalities, personality typing, … education that it would take a lifetime to gather (it took us our whole lifetimes), and we synergistically combined them with an amazing beach vacation, nurturing women’s circle, an international discovery tour and fun social elements, so that the results are truly more than the sum of their parts: an utterly magical transformation experience.

Not everyone values their time, energy, and money as highly as we do. Some don’t mind spending thousands on a weekend event with no discernable long-term result. Some people really benefit from the connection and the fun of a retreat, and they are okay with having that be all they experience.

But, if you are like us and want to know that you are getting an incredible transformative experience that includes elements that you’d have to attend 10 other retreats and seminars to get, then you will be relieved to save tens of thousands of dollars, and about half a century of your time, so you can save your time and money for living the life you want!

Rota Retreats synergizes mental, emotional and physical skills and practices that you can easily take home with you an apply in your everyday life, with all of the things you are probably needing from a great vacation escape to a beach paradise with friends.

Imagine the health-inducing elements of yoga with the life-changing transformational elements of a week-long personal development seminar, plus a vacation on the beach, plus a week with new girlfriends, and a trip to Spain. Does it get much better?
We worked hard to offer you something with so much valuable and life-affirming impact, that you couldn’t possibly walk away without having your heart, mind and body deeply met in an amazing way.

You will learn how to live a happier and more balanced life by implementing simple yet effective rituals, tools, and practices into your daily life, while you get all the benefits of vacation, rejuvenation, new friends, nurturing, and exploring.  


Which language is the instruction given in?

Although the retreats take place in Spain, our facilitators are from the UK and the USA, and so all instruction is given in English only.

Hotel staff are multi-lingual and will be delighted for you to practice your Spanish with them!

Do I need travel insurance?

Absolutely! Please read our booking conditions.

Do I need a visa to travel to Spain?

Most countries don’t require a visa to travel to Spain, however please check the full list on this page

Can I see a sample daily schedule?

Absolutely! You’ll find it on this page

Do I need to book my own flights?


Once your registration has been confirmed (wait for a confirmation email letting you know that the retreat has enough sign-ups since we need a minimum amount of registrants), we encourage you to use an online flight-searching program to find the least expensive options. There are a lot of good ones out there, but we find that Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Kayak are consistently good. If travelling within Europe, search British AirwaysEasyjet and Ryanair for cheap flights which don’t always get picked up on the search engines listed above. We do recommend travel insurance. We’ve had good experiences with Insureandgo, but do not endorse them.

The nearest airports for Rota are Jerez and Seville. If joining us on a retreat requires you to fly over multiple time zones, we encourage you to fly in a day early so you can relax and catch up with the time difference before joining us on our retreat the following day. We can get you a great rate at the hotel for additional days before or after the retreat

Who are my retreat facilitators?

Our Rota Retreat facilitators are Dawn and Amber Jade. As well as being extremely knowledgeable in their fields, they both have lots of travel experience in the destinations we go to and are there to guide you in the right direction along the way. They are known for their fun-loving attitude towards life and wanting to live it happy, healthy, and clean.

What type of climate should I expect?

These retreats have been chosen to coincide with the best weather in Rota

Our retreats take place in April, May, June, September and October, and although we cannot guarantee good weather, historically these times of year are warm, sunny and dry. You can look at more climate data here.

Do I have to be experienced with yoga to come on a trip?

No! In fact regardless of your yoga experience, you will all be taken through the same yoga sequence. This is repeated every session so that you become familiar enough with it to be able to continue your personal practice after you leave the retreat.

Practice makes profound!

I don’t have the perfect beach body… Do I have to be in good shape to come on a trip?

No, we take a great pride in welcoming everyone on our retreats. Happiness is health, and above all we are here to spread this philosophy among our guests. Whatever your personal goals may be, deepening your personal journey or just getting away from it all and into a full-immersion of what life can truly be like, we would love to have you on a retreat.

Participants are inspired to overcome perceived limitations, celebrate their unique bodies and refresh their spirits. You will be encouraged to playfully explore at your own pace.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

Not unless you really want to!

We provide you with a cushioned Gaiam yoga mat for use during the retreat. So save that extra space in your suitcase for the goodies you’ll want to buy and take home with you.

What type of accommodation can I expect?

We aim to provide comfort on your journey, while maintaining a real connection with the places we visit. We understand the importance of a good, quiet night’s rest when you are in a new place making the most of your days. We have personally vetted many locations to select amazing spaces for you. Hotel Playa de la Luz is part of HACE hotels; a family owned and run group of 5 award-winning hotels.

Our accommodations have comfortable bedding, clean bathrooms and all the amenities, but the REAL gem is that the beach comes RIGHT UP TO THE HOTEL. You literally can’t get any closer to the water and the gentle, soothing sound of the waves, unless you were IN it!.

Do I get my own room?

Yes! We are proud to offer you a double room, for single use, with NO surcharge! Spread out, get comfy and cosy, and enjoy!

Will I have any free time on the retreat?

Yes! This is YOUR retreat and you can have as much free time as you wish.

While we are dedicated to empowering you with all of the tools you can carry for deep transformation, we always work to provide a laid back environment with ample free time to get lost in a book or relax on the beach because we know that you MUST have fun and relax in order to learn and grow. Our retreats are set up around optional activities so you won’t feel obligated to participate in anything that doesn’t interest you on any particular day. This structured flexibility allows for a perfect balance of options for guided and self-guided time..

We have designed 3 package levels to accommodate for all tastes.

Our exclusive Diamond package includes 2 full days of exploring the beautiful cities of Jerez and Seville and one-on-one support time directly with the facilitators. If you are the kind of person who wants to maximize all the opportunities available to you, this is the package for you!

If you are craving lots of uninhibited free time while still receiving transformational support directly from the facilitators, the Gold Package maximizes time to yourself while making sure you have one-on-one sessions to answer questions and facilitate your personal needs.

Our Silver Package is designed for those craving maximum self-directed free time, who may do their best work on their own, or who prefer less guided support.

How big are the groups?

Our group sizes are generally between 6 and 12 guests. Our maximum is set to 12 to ensure you get a more personal service from the retreat facilitators.

Do I have to do attend all of the retreat sessions?

Nothing is compulsory, but you are choosing to attend a life-changing transformational retreat. If you don’t attend all of the sessions you’re not going to get the full benefit of the retreat. Also, in order to respect those who remain committed, once you opt out of the Life Mastery sessions, you will not be able to re-join.

Are there other activities besides yoga?

Absolutely. Our retreats aim to bring out the best in life for our guests. For us this means being prepared to accommodate your individual needs and wants. For some the ideal retreat is quiet time in a beautiful location with a good book and daily yoga practice. Others may enjoy kite-surfing, hiking, horse-riding, and shopping among other things. Our retreat page lists some of the activities available to do. If you want to do something that’s not listed, please let us know and we’ll do our best to organise it for you.

How can I make payments?

We accept debit or credit card, and bank transfers.

Will there be access to the Internet?

Yes! You can tap into the free WiFi at the hotel or on the beach…

However we do strongly suggest you use this time to ‘log off’ and stay fully immersed in the retreat and spend the time focusing on YOU.

Internet/phone access during classes is not allowed in order to maintain the integrity of the space for others.

Who is best suited for one of your retreats?

We really mean it when we say that everyone is welcome. People of all backgrounds, young old, devoted yogis and curious beginners can all benefit from a retreat with Rota Retreats. It is our passion to spread the peace and joy of conscious living with an open and non-exclusive philosophy. We find the more diverse the group; the more we can learn from each other. Anyone who is looking to better their quality of life in any way is an ideal guest for us, and we believe that in some way or another we are all looking to ascend.

Our retreats are for any woman of any age (we have attendees ranging from 18-70 years old!) and any level of experience. We welcome, and indeed LOVE, complete beginners, mums, grandmas, teenage girls and also women who feel like complete strangers to their femininity as well as seasoned goddesses… Basically, if you feel like you need this then this is for you!

What if I need to cancel my trip?

We understand that things come up and sometimes holidays need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We recommend purchasing cancellation insurance just in case. This insurance can be applied to provide a full refund in the case of a personal medical emergency or in most family emergencies.

Regarding your retreat purchase, a partial refund can be issued depending on which point you have to cancel the trip.
Please refer to our cancellation policy where you will find a table explaining the refund system we have in place.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns if you are unsure about your commitment to the trip.

What should I pack?

We’ll send you a packing list after you sign up. Spain is EASY on the body – you’ll enjoy how light you can travel.

Anything medically that you can’t live without, we obviously advise that you bring with you, and please let the facilitators know about any medical conditions just in case something happens.

As far as clothing and basic accessories, most of these items you enjoy at home will be found on your trip at a cheaper price and in a style you haven’t seen before. Bring the essentials, but leave room for the amazing goodies you will find along the way.

Will I need lots of extra spending money?

The amount you spend is directly dependent on you, but keep in mind that eating out is cheaper in Spain than in the UK, and often cheaper than the USA.

Can I retake a retreat that I’ve already participated in?

Yes! We all process information differently depending on where we are at in life. Since all our retreats are designed to meet you where you’re at and take you to the next level, you will gain insight and learning not matter how many times you join us.

Can I request a location for a future retreat?

We would love that. We’re always looking for the most beautiful, inspiring, and magical spots to replenish ourselves and celebrate. If you have any suggestions, please send us an email.

Can you arrange a private retreat, say for a group of friends who want to get away for the most amazing, memorable holiday of their lives?

Sounds like a great plan!

Email us with your requirements. 

What if my question isn’t in this list?

Then we would love to hear from you!

Please contact us so we can answer your questions as quickly as is humanly possible!

(We do sleep, and answers aren’t automated, so we appreciate your patience if there’s a slight delay in getting back to you.)